Training and Social Awareness
for Increasing Organ Donation
in the European Union and
Neighbouring Countries

About the Project

The project actively contributes to the increase of organ donation rates in Europe, focusing on two main actions: training and social awareness. Both activities are oriented to healthcare professionals and other relevant players such as: patients and patient support groups; representatives of public and governmental agencies, representatives of health institutions, opinion leaders and the media.

EUDONORGAN consists in two main work packages:

  • Train the Trainers (1), led by University of Barcelona – Bosch i Gimpera Foundation together with the Donation and Transplantation Institute, Barcelona, Spain, addresses  to healthcare professionals and other relevant actors in the field of organ donation;
  • Social Awareness (2), led by The Institute for Organ and Tissue Transplantation of the Republic of Slovenija, Slovenija-transplant together with  the Institute for Transplantation and Biomedicine – Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, aims at rising social awareness through six public events.

In these sections you can find details and further information related to work packages.

You can also discover more about Eudonorgan in this brochure.