Training and Social Awareness
for Increasing Organ Donation
in the European Union and
Neighbouring Countries

Train the Trainers

The main objective of the course is to support capacity-building efforts (training health care professionals and other key actors who will in turn be able to advocate for organ donation and train colleagues in their countries/regions/hospitals), with the overall objective to monitor and improve performance in the management of donated and transplanted organs.

The course is addressed to a minimum of 94 participants from all the Member States of the European Union and neighbouring countries. They will include healthcare professionals, (transplant donor coordinators/key donation persons, personnel from emergency departments, intensive care units, postoperative and stroke wards) and other relevant actors able to promote and encourage effective donation (patient support groups, communication officers of national/regional authorities and of healthcare establishments, key opinion leaders, journalists in the field of health). Participants will reinforce their knowledge on the main aspects of living and deceased donation, will acquire useful information on quality control procedures and communication strategies, and will explore different educational techniques to maximize the outcomes of future awareness and training sessions on organ donation.

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