Training and Social Awareness
for Increasing Organ Donation
in the European Union and
Neighbouring Countries

Lisbon welcomes a European Organ Donation Event

Lisbon welcomes a European Organ Donation Event


On April 9th, the fifth social awareness event within the Eudonorgan project was officially opened in Lisbon. The event has taken place at Museu Carris, a nice location where the historal symbols of Lisbon transport system are collected and exhibited. About 60 healthcare professionals and other relevant stakeholders coming from five countries attended.

The morning session was devoted to the presentation of Eudonorgan objectives and achievements as well as to the overview of programs and cooperation agreements delivered by the main Competent authorities of Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal. A special tribute to all organ donors was simbolically paid by all attendants through the distribution of red flowers.

During the afternoon session, participants had the opportunity to visit five old tram carriages, where videos from the different countries were shown: information about deceased and living donation, testimony of donors’ families, meeting with transplanted patients and insights of the full benefits a transplant can give to their lives.