Training and Social Awareness
for Increasing Organ Donation
in the European Union and
Neighbouring Countries

“Why Organ Donation Matters to Us All”: EUDONORGAN Social Awareness Event on Organ Donation

“Why Organ Donation Matters to Us All”: EUDONORGAN Social Awareness Event on Organ Donation

The social awareness event in Belgium on February 18th is one of the six such events being organised across the EU as part of WP 2: Social awareness (Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Sweden). Uniquely, the Belgian event is being hosted by the European Parliament.

Further details and programme:

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Organ transplantation has become the most cost-effective treatment for end-stage renal failure. For end-stage heart, liver, and lung failure, organ transplantation it is the only treatment currently available. Therefore, organ transplantation recoups potential years lost and improves quality of life for patients with little alternative. One of the major limiting factors affecting organ transplantation, however, is the low quantity of donor organs available. For countries with high numbers on their organ transplant waiting list, it is of particular importance to develop strategies to improve their respective organ donation rates.

EUDONORGAN is a service contract funded from the European Union budget, on the initiative of the European Parliament.  It aims to provide specialized training and to raise social awareness on organ donation among health professionals and other relevant actors able to promote and encourage effective donation across the EU. The project includes the development and implementation of a training of trainers on organ donation and transplantation (WP1) and the organisation of social awareness events in the EU (WP 2).

The project has reached around 400 participants from the EU and neighbouring countries including healthcare professionals and other relevant actors (non-healthcare professionals) who can promote and encourage effective donation in their daily lives.  They include: patients and patient support groups, communication officers of national/regional/local level, authorities and representatives of healthcare establishments, key opinion leaders, journalists, mass media and social media experts.

Objectives of work package 2:

  • To organise & implement six communication events (donation awareness days) according to the guidelines agreed by all participants during WP1, each of them taking place in different EU Member States.
  • To raise awareness towards organ donation at different society levels (macro, meso & micro level).

Addressed to:

  • Healthcare professionals (HP)
  • Journalists, representatives & editors of media channels, social media experts, academic staff of journalism & media
  • Health communication officers
  • Patients
  • Support groups and NGOs
  • Representatives of social services
  • Key local/national opinion leaders
  • Representatives of (potential) donor hospitals


  • Project leader: University of Barcelona (UB), Spain
  • Institute for transplantation of Organs and Tissues (ITOT) Slovenia & Institute for Transplantation and Biomedicine (ITB), Ministry of Health, Republic of Croatia
  • Trainees (beneficiaries of the EUDONORGAN Training programme carried out during WP1) & National Authorities